Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Silver Trees set in the midst of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire and with its own Nature Reserve designated a SSSI (a site of special scientific interest) which means the wildlife and landscape are protected almost a third of the parks 28 acres are devoted to woodland which leads on to the Chase as a whole.

All our Private Owner Holiday Homes and Holiday Hire rental units have the ability to enjoy the benefit of our unique situation with the Fallow Deer, grazing around the grassy park areas relaxed and able to be seen daily.

Each season in the year creates its own particular image to view.

Summer: Young “Bambi” deer, when first born hide in the thick bracken areas we leave as a refuge, whilst their mother`s visit the grazing of our lawn areas, later end June or July onwards they can be seen venturing out in full view with Mum jumping around as if on springs.

Autumn: The Mature Fallow Bucks gather on the nature reserve ridge line to strive to be the supreme Major Buck for the year, a unique site and sound, the glorious shades, red, brown and gold of the woodland create a wonderful vista to enjoy all around the local area.

Winter: View the deer more easily as they roam around the woodland, a magical sight when snow has fallen, a buzzard might be seen flying along the valley between the bare leafless branches of large trees.

Spring: Daffodils and early buds herald the promise of long days, warmer weather, the woodland is alive with birdsong, and the woodpecker`s drumming.

As you would expect with the location that Silver Trees enjoys and the sheer scale of wildlife on our property, the conservation and protection of our abundant birdlife, mammals and mini-beasts are an important consideration and so in tune with our peace and quiet ethos which makes the park so appealing.

We have been fortunate to achieve the highest Gold Standard in the David Bellamy Conservation Awards since our first participation in 2008.

In 2010 we also achieved a Special Distinction Award and in the words of Professor David Bellamy “practically a Nature Reserve that includes quality Holiday Park.”

Silver Trees are also Corporate Members of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and also Butterfly Conservation.

All the images of the wildlife have been taken on Silver Trees Holiday Park so please take a look through our Wildlife Conservation Photo Gallery to see some wonderful examples of what may be seen.

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